Welcome to Klyo Collaborative

Klyo is an alliance of world renowned companies who have worked together on solving lifecycle problems in the biopharmaceutical industry. The Klyo Collaborative removes barriers that previously required companies to seek out and manage multiple partners to achieve desired outcomes.

The members of the KLYO Collaborative have collaborated on dozens of projects in the Life Sciences Industry. Realizing that their approach to solving difficult problems was unique in the industry, Rockwell Automation, The Beck Group, EEA Consulting Engineers, CBR International, Holtz Biopharma Consulting, McDay LLC, and Laurus Bio have voluntarily come together to offer their joint “A-team only” resources. This enables Klyo Collaborative to assist clients in understanding and resolving their most complex challenges.

With engineering resources at record lows, and pressure to deliver pipeline products at record highs, having the support of successful and experienced third parties has become a necessity. Klyo Collaborative provides an unparalleled full-service model, with the experience necessary to implement creative solutions.