“I’ve been really impressed with the quality of service provided by CBR International Corp.® CBR’s level of support, guidance and high standards were significant factors with regard to Piramal Imaging GmbH obtaining the unprecedented FDA approval for Neuraceq™. The dedicated efforts of the CBR Team made the approval process a more efficient and cost-effective one and I highly recommend CBR International Corp.® as the partner of choice.”

~ Dr. Ludger Dinkelborg, Member of the Board, Piramal Imaging SA

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The Klyo Collaborative has been involved in the many of the key biologics projects of our day. Called upon by several governments, including the UK, USA (DARPA, BARDA), Japan and South Africa, members of the KLYO Collaborative have collaborated across the entire drug development life-cycle, adding to the world's knowledge base and sharing their knowledge to bring vaccines, gene therapy, and therapeutic medicine to populations around the globe.

Caliber Biotherapeutics was built in response to  a need for commercial scale, rapid response to biothreat and was funded in part by DARPA. The team was lead by Barry Holtz, founder of Caliber Biotherapeutics, Bryan Jones, Partner, Beck Architecture, Fritz Stinson, SVP EEA Consulting Engineers, and Jim Cornell, The Beck Group. This team designed and built and commissioned the multi-product capable facility in 18 months. The facility has the capacity to produce over 500 kg of biotherapeutic protein per year. ​​

“We had the opportunity to develop a Centre for Biotechnology which would make Swansea the center of biotech for the UK. Barry Holtz’s focus meant that we stayed on track and yet somehow had time to consider a wide variety of unique solutions to our design that truly garnered the attention of those at the highest levels of the UK government.” 

~  Jim Abbey, Director Texas/UK Research Collaborative, Swansea University

Gradalis’ personalized medicine product development and GMP manufacturing facility in Carrollton, Texas designed and built (and further modified) by Barry Holtz, Phil Maples, and Fritz and Morgan Stinson (EEA)